farah fakhreddine


To be in a good mood, means to sleep at least 8 hours(9,10,11…) and no early wake up, to have a peaceful coffee time (30min-90min),to have a tasty adorable late lunch( I love fast food & all kind of food),to listen to my favorite chill out & lounge music.
Im not really complicated but a contradictable person with reasons (I can explain everything), I like to laugh but don’t laugh easily, although I have a sense of humour that doesn’t show up frequently :s
Sometimes I like to cook, sometimes i like to design & create, sometimes i like to do nothing! One of my interesting hobbies is Travelling, where every trip and every destination is a rich experience and a refreshing adventure to discover new Cultures & learn new languages & go shopping!
I love my country! love everything about it,the food,the fashion,the culture,the nightlife,the weather,the mountain,the sea…everything is beautiful in LEBANON!
Nature for me is the great escape, The Sea,the Sand,the Sun… I can see God’s love and beauty in it! Best meditation , especially during Spring & Summer where everywhere is colourful, and btw Im a nice & optimistic person during Spring
Wish I can help all the pets in the world and help everyone to understand that animals have Souls to!!!!

  • Work
    • tv presenter and script writer
  • Education
    • Communication Media - L.A.U. Beirut