farah hidayati

farah hidayati

She was born in Banjarmasin, Indonesia to a 40 years old housewife (mom) and 57 years old retiree (father). She has 2 sisters & 2 brothers and a couple step brothers and sisters- the youngest of them was 15 years older than her. It makes her always felt like having 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th parent.

Spent all her childhood and finished highschool in Banjarmasin. She received undergraduate degree in Architecture from Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. After graduated she worked in an architecture company, in Jakarta for two year, then in a French NGO doing Tsunami Reconstruction in Banda Aceh, until she resigned.

While she was in Jakarta working in architecture field by day, at night she attend creative writing class with scholarship from Agromedia Group and Jakarta School.

Seven months after finishing creative writing course, she won National Youth Literature Competition ( held by Grasindo and Ranesi) and published her debut novel Rumah Tumbuh in December 2005. This novel received Adikarya Ikapi award for best young adult book in 2006, in the same year she also published Alexandra. Her third novel Loversus published in 2010. Her latest novel Konstelasi Rindu published in 2013.

She currently lives in Jakarta, with husband & son.

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