Farah Rosli

1. I am Farah Rosli.

2. I don’t eat MEAT – to the point that I feel uncomfortable with it smell. Yeah, I’m weird.

3. I love SHOESS!

4. Ophidiophobia. Yeah, I hate and have fear of snake. And I don't like lizards too! So, I CAN'T SPEAK PARSELTONGUE

5. My favorite ever meal would probably have to be CHEESE PIZZAAA, Mac and Cheese and cereal with milk! “What about the burgers?!” I hear you cry! Well, I love them too… but I'll still choose pizza if is Cheese Pizza!

6. I rarely eat rice (and yeah, can be count with one hand per month). Most of the time, I will eat bread, cookies and etc.

6. I can’t drive, despite that I am almost 22 years old!

7. My favorite scents are vanilla and citrus!

8. Water is my favourite drink ever. I’m a cheap date.

9. Oh Oh I have a twin sister, Sarah and PLEASE, I SERIOUSLY DON'T REMEMEMBER OUR GAP TIME.

10. I'm currently pursuing a Bachelor of Political Science tho I have no interest to become anything that related to politics.

11. I'm a cat- lover! Meooww!

12. I’m rubbish at finding anything or breaking any game clues, and have always been that way. So I HATE to play explorace that requires me find clues,

13. I have a ginger breed kitten at home, named KEDEK!

14. ......... (I will think of it later)