Farah Serra

Escritora, Fotografa, and Blogger in Genoa, Italy

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My name is Farah Azenha Serra, and I have 33 years old. I am Brazilian but have been living in Italy for over a year now.

In 2005, I published my first book: “Fator Humano da Qualidade em Empresas Hoteleiras”*, published by Qualitymark.

In my view, sustainability and innovation are fundamental issues. We can no longer continue to live and act as we have been doing until today. We must seriously examine and commit to new kinds of social and business organization in order to know, and better manage the impacts that we generated.
I have ideas, hopes and I never lose faith in humanity.

My passions are: traveling, taking pictures, reading, writing, cooking and drinking with friends…

(*In free translation: "Human Factor in the Quality of Hotel Corporations")