farah shahera nor azam

Student in Serdang, Malaysia

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Hi, I’m farah shahera. I’m a student living in Serdang, Malaysia. I am a fan of food, reading, and entrepreneurship. I’m also interested in music and travel.

Things that people appreciate about me is basically that I know how to bake cake and pastries haha ! so I will bring along my cake and distribute it among my friends so well, since mostly everyone loves desserts and yes I usually use this trick to get new friends easily and very quickly. Next is what I think people appreciate about me is that I really value my friendship. As I concern I still keep in touch with my buddy which I knew since my kindergarten! I might be choosy in selecting who my friends will be but once we had a real friendship relationship we usually keep in touch through thick and thin. Thats what true friendship is haha.

what I think that is important to me in terms of life and education is that we have to be honest towards the knowledge we had gain or we would like to gain. So basically you have to nurture the honesty value in your whole life as it will naturally reflect in your actions. Next what matters the most is of course family. Family should come first no matter what because without my family I am absolutely nothing.

I would really like a positive vibe in my surroundings. I really hope that the people I know throughout my journey has a really good positive vibes, positively thinking, positive attitudes and hopefully I will actually absorb their positivity!