Farah Bhoyroo

Farah Bhoyroo- creator of 'Farah Visual Arts'

I created 'Farah Visual Arts' in 2010 to mainly paint unique customised pieces for customers, including nursery art, pieces with names written in arabic for children or as a wedding gift, as well as islamic art with swarovski crystals.

while doing this for a while i uncovered my own passion for all types of retro art. Realising that the majority of retro art is unsuitable for the muslim household as they contain faces etc, i decided to create my own collection of RETRO ISLAMIC ART including pop art and vintage style pieces.

My work consists of the coolness of retro art, the bold,bright fluorescent colours but with an islamic twist.

We can now enjoy the funkiness of retro art in our homes while also remembering our Lord Allah (swt) inshaAllah

my work has recently been exibited in central london, liverpool, and will be going to glasgow and cardiff next!

click on the facebook link below to join my page and see my latest work, thank you!