Farewell Maneeta!

Welcome to Maneeta's Farewell page. As you may already have heard, Maneeta will not only be leaving Fraser Health and the BCHEC, but also the country to travel abroad and pursue her dreams of studying & practicing medicine. We are absolutely thrilled for Maneeta's accomplishment, but it is with very heavy and sad hearts that we need to say farewell for now.

As a token of our appreciation for her presence, friendship and top-notch service at FH for over a decade, we are hoping you can join us in celebration of Maneeta's achievements on November 16, 2012 @ 3:00PM (L&OD area on the 4th floor at CC). As part of this celebration, we are collecting funds to buy her an iPad (or Apple gift card equivalent) as a farewell gift. We believe this gift is very practical for her upcoming studies and travel-friendly. If you would like to contribute, please drop by our offices and pass on your contributions to Erica Shoebridge. Alternatively, you can contribute via paypal through the following link:

Paypal for Maneeta's Farewell gift (Apple Gift Card or iPad)

We hope you can join us! A farewell card will also be circulating soon for everyone to sign, so please come by our offices to sign that as well if you can.

- The Leadership & Organization Development Team