chris / kevin / archie

survivor in the United States

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hey, I'm Chris! you can call me by any of my kin names, though! i'm a male pisces that goes by he/she, but please don't use they/them for me !

please don't call me alex or neil! even if you knew me by those names !

i love the color orange and my friends! my favorite game ever in the WORLD is Until Dawn, and im super super hyperfixated! please stop me if i talk about it too much, because i Will Never Stop™ josh is my favorite character, and i talk about loving him a lot! I am also hyperfixated on D&D and riverdale/archie comics

I also love (in no real order) L4D, Little Shop of Horrors, Grease & 50's aesthetic, horror games and movies, Vocaloid, and Danganronpa! I have more interests, but they arent as important.

I have mental health issues i might post about sometimes.

clicking the link that says back my campaign will take you to my tumblr!

i am 100% Christopher Hartley from Until Dawn! it's me in the flesh and soul, and i'd prefer if no doubles followed! ask if youre anyone else from UD, because i already know some people from my canon!

here are some of my kins and IDs! no real order here either! I have more, but they are less important. This list shifts and changes a lot! ask before following if youre a double please!

• Archie Andrews (Archie comics/Riverdale)

• Nagito Komaeda (DR)

• Kevin (WTNV)

• Wybie (Coraline)

• Seymour Krelborn (LSoH)

• Glenn Rhee (TWD)

• Kiyotaka Ishimaru (DR)

• Ellis (L4D)

• Phillip J. Fry (Futurama)

and my otherkin types!

• a prince!

• a werewolf!

• a mermaid!

• a german shepard!

• a dragonborn!

kins i am questioning! ask to follow.

•someone fron ndrv3

•beth washington (UD)

•2D (Gorillaz)

my comfort characters who i love very much! tell me if youre them before you follow please! don't follow if theyre in parenthesis, that means i found them already. asteriks mean theyre very important!

• ( josh washington (UD) )*******************

• miu iruma (ndrv3)**

• matt taylor (UD)*

• jyushimatsu matsuno (ososan)

• ( maggie rhee (TWD) )

• zoidberg (Futurama)

• chica (FNaF)

• kakashi hatake (naruto)********

• hatsune miku (Vocaloid)***********

• ( bender rodriguez (Futurama) )

dm me the phrase "boom, butterfly effect!" to be accepted