Denis Maddalena

My ego must be huge to be making yet another profile-type thing about myself. That's probably true to an extent. Over-the-top at times, quiet and serious when need be. "Out in left field" is what I've been told. I'm a pretty huge geek and take offense to the "old school" trends because kids born in the 90s are trying to relive the 80s, which is fine, but only select bits. Games, music, and coffee are my diversions. I draw anything, paint figurines, and can probably beat your ass with Vega in Street Fighter IV (but Blanka in any game he's in otherwise). Halo is mediocre at best. I can beat Contra without using the 30 lives code, and know it as the "Konami code" rather than the "Contra code". I have a fast car and drive it like a grandma, and listen to Genesis with the windows down on summer nights.