Farhad Hanjan

Seattle WA

Farhad Hanjan (Lead guitar) has acquired and shared a beautiful repertoire of rhythmical forms that make up Flamenco. Farhad plays rock guitar, jazz guitar,flamenco and classical guitar. Hanjan plays guitar from many regional narrative and continental beats. His music reflects a strong Latin connection, Spanish Mediterranean Folk, European Roots, Jazz, and a gypsy soul blended with the infectious rhythms of modern music masters. Farhad Hanjan beat is inspired by Rumba, Bossa Nova, Flamenco, Mariachi, Tango and Urban American grooves.

Farhad personifies a progressive paradigm by absorbing his influences and combining them to create a new, personal sound of his own. Farhad has a great stage experience.

As a guitarist, Farhad is one of the most devoted virtuosos of the Nuevo Flamenco genre, having attained this stature by virtue of his commanding presence among the many strings, modulating tones in Seattle. His recordings emphasize the prodigious technique that he constantly hones in collaboration with other teachers and his students.

Farhad Hanjan, a prolific composer of Bravura guitar works, enjoys popularity within the Seattle Flamenco culture as he is one of a few artists who is able to take a ubiquitous sound and turn it into a colorful warmth, while simultaneously making shapes as he continually perfects himself by working his guitar. He has been known to toil the stage, translating time into hours upon hours of Flamenco.

Farhad Hanjan master of chess and computer scientist. Also HQ studio recordings, with life guitar tracks, midi-audio-software training and guitar lessons


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    • master of chess
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