Farhan Imaan Abro

Karachi , Pakistan

CEO & Founder of Independent News Coverage Pakistan ( INCPak ) Now known as Independent News Coverage International Network INCI Network . Musican / Independent Journalist / Video Director / Photographer / Graphics & Web Designer / Race Driver / Researcher / Debater / Writer & Poet / Social Activist / Blogger.

My Philosophy

I'm satisfied the way life is, meanwhile understanding and observing it getting to know as much as possible, adventurous so at times I do some things which people call pure insanity but for me Makes a Perfect Sense, other than that I started Train surfing trend in Pakistan and constantly experimenting, practicing driving improving skills and knowledge. Music is my passion singing, playing guitar, Photography, Capturing Videos ( Direction & Editing, Writing and debating. Drifting nature kept me moving on always toward something new but I always followed principles and Kept the fear of Allah as my strength and courage, He knows me well than I do as part of the mankind,I am always ahead to help out ! " A Different Prayer " because helping mankind is a prayer for me, I feel soul Satisfaction, I find Peace in Sacred places, Got only two rules due to which personally been able to know so much not to lie nor to hide anything, following simple rules is more difficult since they are fragile, indeed it's been always complicated for anyone to know me closely. don't have much friends but those who are close to me, are truly more than friends to me, sometimes life seems too short and at times too long , swinging moods problem with being a cancer Zodiac sign the dark side of story is always with me, romantic and funny ! my nature is based on rule of simplicity.

I see the world through different views not just the way it has been shown you can call it The Different Dimension I think greatest thing I have been able to achieve is My Faith experience life and tried my level best to know what's for sure instead of taking it for granted. Don't trust easily

My Entire Philosophy is based on " In The Name Of Love, For The Love Of God "

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