Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Aapon Farhana Akhter was born on 9th November 1985 and is a resident of Dhaka.

Aapon graduated in Graphic Design from the Institute of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka. But in essence she is a multi-disciplinary visual artist practicing painting, crafts, terracotta, interior design and photography, as well as writing songs.

“Art is bigger than Life”, she says. And, she asserts that Art itself gets bigger when it serves the mankind as a whole.

Her most important inspiration and influence comes from transformation of colors in nature, and their forms. She is moved by the splendor of nature and its peacefulness. As a result, she attempts to reflect all these in her creation in a expressionist way.

She believes that art brings soul to life and is essential in redressing the discrepancies of society and to create awareness in people. It’s only then, when art becomes life-centric and relevant. For example, to voice her opinion or to protest, she creates collage of paintings incorporating images of current news items, of discrepancies, discrimination, rights and wrongs.

“In my mind, mind of every artist is a work of art itself”, she concludes.

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  • Education
    • BA Fine Art, Dhaka University