Farhan Hekmatyar

Oil Refinery Process Engineer in Balikpapan, Indonesia

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Hello my fellow readers out there. My name is Mohammad Farkhan Hekmatyar Dwinanda. My friends usually call me Farhan. It probably sounds like Islamic Indian's name, isn't it? But actually I am 98 % Indonesian with 2 % of Pakistani decent. I was born 21 years ago in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia (I write this in 2016). I have a mother, her name is Ir. Eflita Yohana, MT. PhD, she is a mechanical engineer. And a brother named Mohammad Renaldi Murteza Reksayudha S.Hum, he is an enterpreneur and a freelance graphic designer. They both inspire me in every-aspect-of-my-life a lot.

I grew up as a nomad person. I was born in Semarang, then I moved to Jogjakarta, and finally my parents brought me back to Semarang. I took my kindergarten and elementary school period in Jogjakarta and had been staying for 3 years. Then I moved back to Semarang. There were so many stories that I've passed. A life-changing stories which gave me a better perspective for doing everything in life.

I study science and engineering. Mainly focus on chemical process engineering in oil & gas industry. I want to be an engineer not only because I love math, physics and chemistry, but I also love to applied it into the daily life and deliver the goodness and benefits from it to the peoples around me. I have a massive curiosity about the universe, and I hope I can afford my ideas and contributions in engineering way for a better human civilization.

I love playing and listening to music. My all-time-favorite band is Fall Out Boy (actually still have a lot more artists, but I'm afraid I can't mention it one by one). I spent my spare time doing some exercises and sometimes watch UFC / MMA in general. I play football too. My favorite teams are Bayern Munchen from Bavaria, Germany and Everton from Merseyside, UK.

So, if you want to know more about me, let's be a friend! You can deliver me any questions at ask.fm/farhanhekmati. Or perhaps if you don't have a courage to ask, you can just simply visit my blog farhanhekmatyar.tumblr.com. See you around and have a nice day!

  • Work
    • Pertamina RU V Balikpapan
  • Education
    • Chemical Engineering, Diponegoro University.