Farhan Qureshi

London, UK

My greatest passions are to direct film and animation. I am a subject matter expert in film and animation production, I have worked in every capacity from writer to distributor in this medium across every budget range. I have led teams of concept artists, designers, animators, lighters, VFX artists, sound and music designers.

I specialise in communicating messages to audiences using film and animation and know all the production methods involved in achieving this effectively, to a budget and to a schedule.

I have directly advised many film directors of the implications involved in their decision making and have devised strategies to best deliver on the creative needs of a project to the given resources available.


Farhan - The Art Director

Working as an Art Director is a perfect bridge between my role as a film/animation director and as a VFX artist. I am able to base exact costs and timeframes with achieving a certain look.

Farhan - The digital marketer

In February 2013 I wrote 'VFX and CG Survival Guide for Producers and Filmmakers' http://amzn.to/WTZByQ. I planned and executed all the digital marketing strategies. Within 48 hours I managed to get the book to number 1 best seller on all the relevant Amazon categories.

I extensively studied digital marketing strategies, how to define reach and engage with my core audience. Through the use of analytics I tracked the effectiveness and adjusted the launch day strategies in realtime.

For a look at the strategy see my blog post

Farhan - The VFX artist

As a VFX Artist I have worked on Hollywood movies including Batman Begins, Harry Potter 3, 4 and 5, Pirates! Poseidon and Alien vs Predator. I have worked on AAA games and on live events including the London 2012 Olympics.


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