Farhan Shahzad

Wah, Punjab, Pakistan

I am a Muslim, a supporter of "Practice your beliefs BUT don't interfere in others' beliefs". Although my grand parents belong to Kolkata (India), I had lived my whole life in Wah, Punjab, Pakistan. I received my education till college (2007) from institutes of the same city. I am a proud Alumni of National University of Science & Technology as I did my Bachelors in Information & Communication Systems Engineering from its constitute institute SEECS in 2011. It wouldn't be wrong if I say NUST moudled my personality and defined my career path. It was an awesome experience. I started my professional career with a Medical Healthcare IT Company, MTBC as a SQA Engineer in 2012. I switched on after a year and currently associated with Elixir Technologies Corporation as a Software Engineer. I believe in my abilities as a good team player. I love good Food, I enjoy good Music, I love watching Movies in my leisure time, I am inclined to Sports and good people. I am a true patriot and Love my country no matter how bad it looks, I love toursim and travelling around it and exploring its natural beauty. I am a true social animal.

  • Work
    • Software Engineer
  • Education
    • Information & Communication Systems Engineering