Gabriel Farias isordia

Web Developer, Student, and Writer in Colima, México

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My name is gabriel farias isordia I was born in redleey california on September 28, 2000 I study at baccalaureate # 24 located in madrid colima and I am studying 5th grade and this is my last year, I like to play videogames, I also like to play volleyball and spend time with my friends. I do not like to be a liar, I do not like to watch TV for a long time and I do not like drugs. I wake up daily at 10:00 in the morning from there, then I go to the preparation room at 8:00 a.m., my homework and I fall asleep, my hobby is playing a lot of video games. I always visit my friends also I always make my breakfast and birds do the house cleaning, 2 times a week I go with my grandmother 1 time a month I go to Colima a few days and 2 times a day I eat some cookies.