Farid Sadeghi

Farid Sadeghi is a designer with a focus on the design Strategy, User Experience design and project management. he holds a master of fine art in Design Management from SCAD and a bachelor degree in architecture from EMU. has led and/or designed projects for different clients from different disciplinary and filed over the course of his career.

Most of his designs and works are an infusion of his multicultural experiences with a contemporary use of emergent technologies in modern life. The recent effects of globalization on markets, the relocation of operations, and the continuous stimulus of innovation have birthed a vast number of needs for it. He believe that, above all else, there is a need for professional system thinkers who possess both a solid grounding in design literacy and have the ability to efficiently manage processes. He also believe understanding people and client needs is the basis to this design thinking method, where meritocracy and collaborative environments provide a rich context for simple innovations and meaningful user experiences and a good research design can helped this goal to be achieved .

He had experience of working with leading profit and non-profit organizations, such as SAPS, Home Depot, Verizon, MIT, City of Savannah and Memorial Health Medical Center.