Voting For A New World

The Netherlands do need a big shift within our parliamentary democracy. and this is not just the case in our country, but worldwide. For decades after WW II the world was held sway by a tyrannical monopoly of multinational companies and related (royal)families. This could happen, because a lot was done in secrecy at all cost.

We are now living in the year 2012. A historical and magical moment in time and space. Many ancient holy - and esoteric scriptures contain predictions about the big shift to come. This was not done by old obsure witches behind a cristal ball, but by scientists at those days, who were seeers and scientists. They knew, that humankind would need a a certain time curve, to evolve and become mature as a species. As this had happened before, as they knew this from their traditions at that time.

About two centuries ago a group of people, 'The Illuminati' infiltrated many societies in an obscure way, while premeditated bringing down the frameworks of these societies in a very intelligent way. One of the big changes they caused during our last centuries were the so named revolutions, and worldwars, the grey wars. Not for the betterment of the people, but for the betterment of the War-industry and the Big Pharma, and last but for sure not least the insatiable pathological hunger for power. Nearly all revolutions and wars started under False Flag Operations, and these were covered by many secret projects.

Due to our huge progressive jumps of our media technology, we are all well informed about a lot of facts, which were supposed carefully being hidden. Due to that, we in the Netherlands were not aware of the fact, that our Government is still based on illegal Nazi Laws. Only a few people are aware of this, thanks to some brave Dutch citizens, who are living in exile or in prison at this moment. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many people from allover the world are victims of their regimes and corporations, while secretly targeted by organized gangstalking and directed energy weapons - from simple, for the puplic easy to get - to highly advanced mind control and neuralogic torture& brainraping technology.
When I'll become one of the members of House of Representatives, after September 12 this coming Fall, I'll have this problems/cases in my portfolio, also the cases of Youthcare, the chemtrails, Strategic Weather Modification, etc.