Farida Mohammed

Coming from an international background, international politics has always been in the forefront of my interests. Therefore, it was no hard decision for me to begin my studies in political science. Since, I have participated twice in the Washington Model Organization of American States (WMOAS), where student from across the western hemisphere gather in DC to discuss and debate policies pertinent to North and South America. Also, I've acquired crucial political science research skills such as SPSS statistical analysis.
Once i knew i wanted to purse a career as an international reporter I became a double major in Mass Communication Journalism program. Since, I have created a WordPress blog "Que pavo" and I have started a portfolio of photography. I am familiar with the latest Photoshop and Adobe premiere pro software for editing film and images. In the pursuit of expanding my boundaries of communication i became a minor in Spanish. Journalism is sharing credible information of events , and with less being lost in translation, I believe that learning a second language will expand my opportunities and give me more freedom to report on an international scale. These are my aspirations in the journalism field.