Farid Fleifel


Engineer with experience in the management of Information Technology, Innovation, Product design and Ecommerce. I have worked in top management positions in large companies and startups. The platforms designed or managed directly by me have been used by millions of users worldwide and generated sales in excess of $1 billion.

Currently I'm focused in my own venture: BillionLabs, an ecommerce accelerator created to help companies to get the best results from their ecommerce initiatives. I'm also cofounder at Lektu and Winding, advisor at MytripleA and partner at Initior.

In the past I was an early investor and CTO at BuyVIP, a multinational ecommerce company sold to Amazon in 2010. Prior to that I was in charge of Innovation and Commercial Systems in Spanair, airline member of Star Alliance, where I managed the technical ecommerce platform and the commercial systems, growing online sales from 70 to 200 MMEur/year.

I have been also President of the Technology Commission at the Spanish Ecommerce Association and I am associate professor at ESIC, one of the top Marketing and Business Schools in Spain.