Faridul Haque

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Humanity is yet to invent something of sufficient subtlety to interest or entertain me. According to me, 90% of the world's people are pompous fools, another 9% are very pompous fools, 0.9% are humble fools,0.09% are too clever by half, 0.009% are schizophrenics, 0.0009% are Swiss....... and whatever remains is made up of malevolent genii (plural of genius :not djinns.) I am a humble fool. I have severe problems with pompous fools and actually would admire a malevolent genius if I met one. Also I am cynical,pessimistic, prudish,obdurate,misanthropic in general and misogynist in particular, and just plain boring to be friends with. Above all, I never claim any authenticity of any sort when I talk about myself on informal forum like Facebook!!!

  • Work
    • oDesk
  • Education
    • Haluaghat Model High School
    • Haluaghat Shahid Smriti Degree college
    • University of Information Technology and Sciences