Faris Alkatiri

Faris Alkatiri. He was born on July, 8th 1985 in Lampung, South Sumatra, Indonesia. He is the last son from Cholid Abdullah Alkatiri and Aliyaa Maimuna. He started his study when he was Six years old in Lampung Elementary School (SDN 2 Teluk betung) in his village. He was graduated in 1997 and he continued his study in 4rd lampung Junior High School (Sltpn 4 Lampung). In 2000 he continued his study in 4th Lampung Senior High School (SMUN 4 Lampung) in the city of Bandar Lampung. At that time, he was active in music event and music festival as a drummer with the Band Called 'Poundcake' with Vocalist Syahbudin Syukur (now Budi Doremi), and Ali Alhadi. He finished his study in 2003 and he continued again for his first Diploma (D3) in Polytechnic Pos Indonesia, in Central Bandung. He took Business Logistic this campus. He has been joining some organizations since he was in first semester. He ever got First Winner on “Elementary School Writing Competition” in 1994 He also got 1st Winner with his friends for “Vocal Group Competition”in Junior High School Lampung in 1998. In 2002 he got first Winner as a best Drummer on “Band Competition” in the ceremony of his Senior High School anniversary. At that time, he was also a member of “Experimental Electronic Room Band : Push and Play, and Faris with The Jack 5mm. Music Equipment : Korg Kaossolilattor, Korg nanoKey2, Korg Electribe Es1 MKII, Logic Studio, Garage Band and Ableton Live 7.