Faris Jeddawi

Struggling Ad man. Wannabe stand up comedian/ Mangaka. Villain, Lover, Outsider, Regular Guy, Child, Al-Hilal FC Maniac, Manga Nut & Born in the Wrong Era. Husband & Father. A true believer of cultural movements. I was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1977. Have a bachelor's degree from England in Drama & Theatre studies. Works in advertising. I'm interested in a load of stuff, the usual things I should say at this point; creativity, advertising, business, design, products, technology, consumer behaviour, anthropology, social, writing, journalism, literature, problem-solving, crazy sport, science, astronomy, photography, philosophy, editorial, creative direction, history, comics, movies, music, football and wrestling too. All of these things are to do with communication in one sense or another. Everything we do is an aspect of communicating with each other, it's how we as humans function and strive. But the thing that turns me on about all of these things isn't just looking at them, and seeing that they're there.It's being a part of it all, being at the forefront of these areas, what's lurking just around the corner? The feeling of not knowing what's going to happen. This is where my 'Goals' come in. The thing that drives me the most and makes me such an ambitious person, is to make something, make a change. Have an impact on what happens with people's day-to-day life. Doesn't matter about money, security, recognition, awards, all of those things; as long as I have an impact of relevance and meaning.