Fariz Abdillah

Human Resource Enthusiast in Jakarta, Indonesia

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He graduated from master of Management (Human Resources) at Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne, Australia. An awardee of Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (BPI LPDP RI) PK-47. A former at FED Insight Indonesia Co. Ltd, consultant firm specialises in design and implementation of Integrated Human Resource Management System.

He conceded his Bachelor degree in Human Resource Management from Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Indonesia (FE UI) batch 2010. A chairman of Salam UI 2014 (Nuansa Islam Mahasiswa Universitas Indonesia) and FSI FE UI 2013 (Islamic Study Forum Faculty of Economics, Universitas Indonesia).

An awardee of National Activist Scholarship 2014 (by Dompet Dhuafa). He participated as volunteer of KNRP (National Committee for Palestinian People) and Salam UI on a mission of 'Humanitarian Aid For Gaza from Indonesia to Palestine' in Cairo, Egypt in August 2014. He involved as a delegation of Indonesia and Salam UI in 11th International Youth Gathering Union of NGOs Islamic Worldview (11th IYG UNIW) at Sakarya-Istanbul, Turkey in July 2014.


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