Fariz Rosoel

Bintaro, Indonesia

I'm Fariz Rosoel, a young adult who was born at 15th February 1993. I'm the oldest children on my parent's family. Raised approximately 17 years at Jambi, now struggling at Bintaro, continuing my life as a person and as a student. We'll see where i'm going for the next couple years.

An avid smoker who still struggling to stop the habit by spending more money on guava juice rather on a pack of cigarette. A person who really loves music, and also a drummer for some campus bands. A person who has a lot of strange likes and dislikes. Quite an easy-going tipe person. Also a person who has a bad temper and still figuring how to control it. A performer instead of being a spokesman. Has an autist symptoms. A person who finds it more easy to express something in English language rather in Indonesian language

Not a good guy overall, even strangely some person finds me as a kind person. A person who takes music as a sport rather than a real sport. A person who tend to be more careless about something.

I'm not a person who can easily feel comfortable about something or some environment. Some person claims that i'm a pathetic. Well, that's just because of yourself.

Loves music more than movies and TV, and spesifically, loves a lot of genres, including some genres that is weird.

Has an interest on photography, even though it feels more to capture a picture on a cellphone rather on a camera.

  • Work
    • College Student
  • Education
    • Indonesian State College of Accounting