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Founder, Criminal Defence Counsel, and Toronto Criminal Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Farjoud Law is a full service criminal defence firm that represents individuals charged with all types of criminal offences at all stages of the process. While located in Toronto, we practice all across the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario including Newmarket, Milton, Brampton, Oshawa, Hamilton, Barrie and more.

Contact us at 647 606 6776 and speak directly to a Toronto Criminal Lawyer.

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Languages Spoken: English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi (Persian), Dari and others upon request.

Practice Areas:

Bail Hearings / Bail Variations / Bail Review

Impaired Driving / DUI / Drinking and Driving / Over 80 / Refuse to Blow

Assaults / Domestic Assault / Sexual Assault / Aggravated Assault / Assault w Weapon

Drug Offences / Possession / Trafficking / Importing / Manufacturing

Fraud Offences / Over $5000 / Under $5000 / Forged Documents / Credit Card Fraud

Conspiracy Offences / Organized Crime Offences / Guns and Gangs Projects

Human Trafficking Offences / Pimping Charges / Procuring / Living On Avails

Robbery Offences / Forcible Confinement / Kidnapping / Robbery w Firearm

Property Offences / Mischief / Arson / Breaking and Entering / Motor Vehicle Theft

Theft / Shoplifting / Theft Under $5000 / Theft Over $5000

Proceeds of Crime / Money Laundering / Extortion

Youth Court Offences / Young Offender Charges / Youth Criminal Justice Act Offences

Fail to Comply / Breach Conditions / Fail to Attend Court

Dangerous Driving / Stunt Driving / Careless Driving

All Regulatory Offences / Highway Traffic Act Offences

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