Farm Business Consultants Inc.

Ontario, Canada

Farm Business Consultants Inc., or FBC, is one of Canada’s largest rural income tax consulting firms. Clients of Farm Business Consultants, or Members as they are referred to, include a wide variety of Canadian entrepreneurs and small business owners, such as farmers, construction contractors and skilled tradespersons and self-employed professionals, otherwise known as SEPs.

Established in 1952 by entrepreneur Sam Ibbotson, Farm Business Consultants was formed with the purpose of providing the most effective and accurate tax services to farms and small businesses throughout Canada. And after sixty years of providing tax-consulting work to an ever-increasing amount of Members, it can be said that Farm Business Consultants has lived up to Sam Ibbotson’s founding mission.

Today, Farm Business Consultants helps over 50,000 Members throughout Canada. Farm Business Consultants has not only grown in its Membership amount, in the past sixty plus years, the company has also grown geographically. Established in London, Ontario, Farm Business Consultants now has 12 offices throughout Canada, including the following areas:

- Barrie, Ontario

- Calgary, Alberta

- Edmonton, Alberta

- Grande Prairie, Alberta

- Kelowna, British Columbia

- London, Ontario

- North Battleford, Saskatchewan

- Regina, Saskatchewan

- Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

- Smiths Falls, Ontario

- Sudbury, Ontario

- Winnipeg, Manitoba

Beyond providing up-to-date tax work that helps save its Members real money, the experienced and trained tax specialists at Farm Business Consultants aim to provide service that is both personable and engaging. In fact, the specialists at Farm Business Consultants make it a point to travel to each one of its Members every year to collect all necessary tax papers.

This is a personable touch that most major tax-consulting firms cannot claim to offer. But, benefits to being a Member of Farm Business Consultants do not stop there. Again, unlike other consulting firms, which oftentimes charge their clients at an hourly rate, Farm Business Consultants operates on an Annual Membership plan. That means that for a flat, straightforward annual fee, Members not only receive the traditional tax filing service, as offered by Farm Business Consultants, Members also may contact the firm all year round to ask any tax-related questions they may have.