Joe McCloskey

Hi, Im 59, born in Washington DC in Columbia hospital which is now condos and offices, grew up riding the troller cars in DC all the way out to Glen Echo. Raised by my grandmother Pearl who was born in 1899, grew up with one brother, one sister, a cocker spaniel and some Banty chickens. Went to live with some neighbors when I was 16, they had a house full of animals. They gave me my first bike and Prince, a half collie/sheperd. I went to the Lutheran church until I discovered Buddhism at 18, then started to chant the Lotus Sutra and still chanting to this day. I discovered at 21 my sexuality and at 23 moved in with a man who still lives with me today. I started a business about 15 years ago taking care of dogs called Farmer Jungle Joes. I built my own house 11 years ago in Barboursville. About 6 years ago I bought an old tobacco farm and built a barn and had 2 houses built. I go there every weekend with dogs to hang with my 2 horses and to ride the bike trail. I compose music on the grand piano, love to cook, wine taste and people watch and walk.