Jodi Ginter

I am a domestic farming diva with my hubby, mom to 4 (most of the time) wonderful teens, a blingy purse addict... ok truely anything blingy and shiny I love! I am an Aquired Brain Injury advocate, an Epilespy advocate, I love to be at home with my family, on the road with family, on a tractor, walking thru the cattle herd or behind my camera. Born and raised as a city girl- but now a full fledged farmgurl! Tractor driving, cattle moving, lamb loving, pig feeding, chicken catching farmgurl! I have done and experienced things on the farm that have no real place on a resume but can most definitely impress the heck outta my 'old friends' from years gone by! Not scared of a long, hard days work - especially if it means relaxing on the porch with the family and a beer! I am also a blogger of our journey with ABI survivors (there are 3 in my life) please stop by for a visit!