Agritec Africa

Agritec Africa is holding one of the biggest as well as more comprehensive international agriculturalfarming exhibitionand professional expos of the agricultural industry in the Nairobi, Kenya and it will be staged on June 15-17, 2016at Kenyatta International Conference Center. As we all are aware with the fact that Africa has the massive potential for Agricultural growth and thanks to its ample amount of land resources and water. However, in general land productivity and agriculture are found to be the one of the lowest in the world. Only in Africa, Agriculture uses more than 65% of the labor force and accounts for 32% of GDP of Africa. The core objective of this Agriculture Trade Show is to follow the listed core areas for sustained and higher growth.

Let’s have a look at the scope, which will take place in the agriculture exhibition

Agricultural technology:

Most recent agricultural high-tech solutions, networking and Agriculture information technology such as agricultural biotechnology, soilless cultivation, plant tissue culture and soil testing.

Farming materials:

All the specific type of farming equipment and farming materials from microbial inoculants and bio-fertilizer to organic fertilizer and pesticide, seed coating machinery, plant protection insecticide spreading equipment to high-end seeds & seeding.

Agricultural machinery:

Small farming machinery, drying machinery,facilities operating machinery,harvesting as well asmachinery for planting along with other agricultural productsand packaging machinery

Livestock breeding:

Intensive farming equipment, feed machinery, breeding facilities, pasture machinery, veterinary drugs and additives, diagnostic reagents and many more.


It will take into consideration quality as well as safely certification for agricultural products,laboratory instrument,agricultural product safety inspection equipment and all the type of equipment’s for agricultural research and rural new technology.