Farouk Gusasi

Jakarta November 30, 1972

0812 9435 1801





Technical of Architectural Departement (1996)

Supporting Educations


Cempaka Dua Hotel, Jakarta - Drafter

Reference: Mr. Rapotan Siregar, Director

PT. Mitra Pradipa Adhi (Consultant), Jakarta

Taman Dayu Country Club – Engineering Department

Reference: Mr. Hadi Komara, Manager

Conrad Hotel, Jakarta – Design Department

Reference: Mr. K S Jang, Department Manager

Housing in Tangerang Banten, Technical Department Supervisor

Reference: Mr. Mahfudz Abdurrahman, Director

Radio Televisi Malaysia Office in Kuantan – QA/QC Staff

Referrence: Mr. Datuk Ahmad Syafei, Director

I am an independent worker,

A good player in team, working with antusiastic and professional. I am keeping best effort to be honest and humourist. I am keeping my self on aware to the Goal oriented.


God gives talent, our effort transform talent into genius