Farrah Jean

Teacher, Writer, and Photographer in Tualatin, Oregon

Farrah Jean

Teacher, Writer, and Photographer in Tualatin, Oregon

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Hello, my name is Farrah Jean. I'm a family member, a friend, as well as a person whom you can tell your secrets to.

You'll always catch me doing something either laid back or completely obnoxious. I have been known to not finish some of the things that I have started, but they do eventually get done.

I am very passionate about photography it's easy for me to capture those special moments in time.

Learning the Korean language is also something that I am very passionate about. Arts and crafts happens to be something that I do in my spare time.

My friends would describe me as fun to be around and easy to talk to, and they would say I give good advice. (Some of the time)

I tend to admire those who've accomplished something that they were told they couldn't do. I also admire my grandparents and parents because without their blood, sweat, and tears I wouldn't be who I am today.

I have many goals in life, academically and personally.

My academic goal is to finish a Bachelor's degree, so that when I am able to, I can teach English as a second language.

My personal goal is to travel the world.

I would love to go visit places in the world that have special meaning to me, as well as those that just pique my interest. I mean who doesn't want to travel the world?

If I didn't tell you, you wouldn't know.

That I hate doing household chores, because my cleaning never seems to be good enough to please others.

I hate repeating myself if I have to say something more than once, I get really frustrated, especially when I have lost my voice.

My nickname is "Bob," given to me by my best friend in trade for her nickname "George."

I am not allowed to drink coffee because I get to hyper, and tend to preform crazy things like leaning out of windows while barking like a dog.

I have been known to put things on my head that shouldn't go there like plastic bag bows.

I am also a total neat freak, even though you wouldn't be able to tell from just looking.

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