sarah-jane farrell

South Africa

is a multi sensory and forensic medical intuitive specialising in functional, integrative medicine and root cause resolution. I assist highly sensitive people heal from depression, anxiety and chronic disease naturally, so that they can get their lives and health on track & create a life they love, while making a positive impact in the world through benevolent capitalism.

By using the Access Your True Nature Systems™ you will move beyond the limitations and disease keeping you depressed, anxious, sick and tired to deep happiness and vitality.

Access your True Nature systems addresses the micro biomes of healthy gut to brain communications holistically on all levels of the body, mind, heart and spirit.

When you are empowered to write your own personal prescription for wellness, you are free to create life on your terms with the clarity and confidence of a healthy gut and brain.

This tedtalk sums up the changes that occur on a cellular level during a forensic medical intuitive healing using the Access Your True Nature System™ to change any dis ease in the body mind or trauma including financial, physical or emotional abuse

or trauma including financial and emotional abuse into living your best, most beautiful life in your True divine nature.

Sarah-Jane is a bush baby by heart and loves to take people on "Journeys on Ancient Soil" safari retreats, in Africa where you will truly come back to the heart and heal. The next intimate journey begins September 2015. If you are ready to remember who you are, tap in to your intuition with wild animals as teachers and track your way in the world with ease, joy and purpose find the full itinery here: and connect with Mother Africa and raise consciousness on the plight of the sentients who roam the land will give you back all of you

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