Farrukh Zafar

Ever since I’ve known the internet, the subject matter has never been the same and has been continuously evolving. From the ARPANET of 1970, all the way to an age of today where internet is actually the first hand source of information, rather than the TV or other media, the evolution has been of extraordinary interest to me. From the time when a roundtrip of a TCP/IP data packet across the worldwide web was a critical challenge, to a time when most of the datagrams are nothing but mistreated bytes belonging to social networks, YouTube videos and internet memes such as the Rage comics and Oatmeal, internet’s gain in strength has been astonishing. I’m an instrument of change to this evolving medium, in a time when the print media relies solely on the internet, for the world’s most-debated whistle-blowing caused by WikiLeaks; in an age when MMORPG’s are played on the internet in almost as big a capacity as offline games; in a time when Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon drive major youth traffic on the internet; in an age when Skype, email, social networking, YouTube and Flickr are part of an average user’s daily dose of internet organics. While one part of the world carries out its 1st internet election in 2008, backed by massive YouTube campaigning, another part of world drives successful political revolutions through Twitter and Facebook, in parts such as Egypt in the year 2011.

And so I started blogging, and yes, I strove my way to become a web activist, apart from just a tech resource. While most of my friends at university used to do desktop programming, they’d find me by the other side doing web development/search engine optimization and blogging, something that was never the secret to my placement in the Dean’s List of Honor from 2007-2008, though. So, yes, it was the internet that always interested me. From crawlers to search algorithms, from Google trends and insights to social media campaigning, and from cloud computing to the introduction of cloud-based operating systems, carpe diem is the sound I've heard.

Don't panic! I'm nothing but the Digital Marketing Specialist at LG Electronics Inc., Pakistan, MEA (Middle East and Africa) Region by day, and an Apple blogger at Simonblog.com by evening, and the Editor-in-Chief at AndroidPlug by night. Too many things? Put it straight; I don't have a life! Haha.