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Farsad Ghaffarian


I am a software developer and web designer. I love photography and take photos at my free time.

I have started working computer with my brothers when we were about seven years old. We started our first programming experience at about 1995 with Basic language. In 1998 we made our first serious project that was get and process nine psychologic tests on computer. We continued programming in our leisure time to the year 2002. Then we formed Bornis group and have worked on deferent type of web and desktop projects.

We have developed about fifteen softwares and I participation and work on seven of that. I have skills in desktop software development by, C#, WPF, LINQ, SQL and web development by PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML and Joomla, Magento and Wordpress. My CG skill is not bad. I have experience in Photoshop, Flash, and vector design in Illustrator. see my UI and CG design at I like photography and take photos in my weekends or some commercial photography projects. You can see my fine art shots at my photoblog

Now, I'm Softwate Developer at

My full resume at PDF format: Farsad Ghaffarian

  • Work
    • BornisGroup
  • Education
    • Associate Degree (DNIIT) - Computer Software Engineering