Farukh Rashid


Farukh Rashid serves as the Director of Strategic Accounts and Partnerships. In this position with Reputation.com, Mr. Rashid manages a team of strategists that collaborate with clients as well as with internal personnel in a variety of departments, including publishing, product development, and member services. As a result, his team successfully manages the client acquisition process from lead generation to contract close. Before accepting his current role, Mr. Rashid served as an account executive and product sales representative with the global organization Eli Lilly & Company.

Farukh Rashid earned a bachelor of arts in philosophy from the University of California at Berkeley. In his free time, he enjoys playing the guitar, reading, and watching movies.

Some of my interests include:
family time, watching movies, reading, hiking, biking, playing basketball, playing the guitar, the occasional run, long walks (trust me they are aweome)