Farzam Farahmandnia

Shiraz, Fars, Iran

Farzam Farahmandnia is a Science Researcher, Technology enthusiast and Entrepreneur. His major fields of research and entrepreneurship include Biological Aging, Rejuvenation and Immortality; Neuroscience and the concept of Consciousness; Space Expeditions; and novel Energy Resources. He practices Perfumery as a hobby, as well as studying Evolution and Physics.

Farzam is currently focusing on developing a new "Central Dogma of Aging" based on his evolution-theory-based hypothesis of intracellular signaling pathways of aging and the novel scientific understandings of metabolomics, while taking measured steps toward abolishing the current paradigm of free radicals and reactive oxygen species.

He is a holder of Silver Medal of National Biology Olympiad. He is a medical student and the head of Cancer and Aging Research Teams in Shiraz University of Medical Science. He is also a member of board of directors of UNAGE Foundation.

  • Work
    • Shiraz University of Medical Science
  • Education
    • Medical Student