Farhan Afzal Saifee

Sr WebUI Designer in Islamabad, Pakistan

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I'm a professional Web/UI designer with 6+ years of experience in both web and mobile platform. Apart from being a professional designer, I have a greater understanding and working experience of Front-End technologies like AngularJs and Javascript. My work mainly focuses on translating any given user-experience journey into a smooth and intuitive interaction.

Currently I'm working as a Senior Web/UI Designer for Silverow Pvt. Ltd. Every aspect of Silverow ERP has been designed by me. All my design decisions are based on the overall design roadmap as well as my own design thinking and fundamental principles.

I have a BSc in Computer Engineering from Girne American University in Cyprus.

I can be reached either through this profile or by email at farhansaifee.fa@gmail.com

  • Work
    • Silverow Ltd.
  • Education
    • Girne American University