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Fascism Is a doctrine that’s as old as history. It truly suggests that if there’s chaos in society then the authorities should take more with an iron. This concept of Fascism boils down to modern times in the Roman age. From the 20th century, if Europe had an economic downturn and people were wondering what to do along with unemployment and absence of real wages had come to the fore, the stage has been set to an extremist doctrine.

Antifa: Fascists in All But Name


Fascism climbed in Italy He was a wonderful guy in his way but his wayward life allowed him down. Another location where Fascism climbed was Germany. With all-round financial stagnation, Adolf Hitler came to power about the concept of Fascism and German Pride. Hitler shaped the Nazi party and over a period of a half-dozen decades, he took charge over whole Europe.

Antifa: Fascists in All But Name

He switched his attention to Spain where the next Fascist General Francisco Franco was battling with the Royalists at a civil war.