Men Fashion

Burgundy, reminiscent of evenings in front of the crackling fireplace. Seen for example in a suit in the seventies style at Victoria Beckham, in a satin jacket with peplum lush tulle at Christopher Kane or in a flowing silk gown at Jason Wu. Mustard yellow, reminiscent of fallen autumn leaves on the streets. To find about in a summery tunic at Hermes. Which is reminiscent of Christmas trees. To find, for example, in a romantic, floor-length gown with Redeem or in a dress in kimono style with 3.1 Phillip Lim. Rust, the candied apples recalls. Seen for example in a trouser velvet at Louis Vuitton. And petroleum, which is reminiscent of a cloudy sky in the early dawn. As in lederhosen at Loewe, in a wrap jacket with Jonathan Saunders or in a suit at Yang Li.

Colors, all of which are inevitably associated with clothing for autumn / winter. The counterpart to the constantly recurring in the spring / summer pastel colors - pale pink, mint green, sky blue, lemon yellow. But now this order seems disturbed: Surprised us the current autumn / winter season 2014/15 namely with smoky pastels, followed in the collections for the following season spring / Summer 2015 now as unexpected wintery tones.

Wintry Hippies

Be Hippie - for many not just a fashion or even way of life, but above all a feeling. That feeling namely, which is connected to the summer, the sun and a lot of freedom. Fashionable one thinks of lightweight summer dress, flat sandals and loose hair, which must naturally air dry. Naturalness is the keyword. The make-up to be so unobtrusive held that it did not appear as existent. Comfort is the central theme of clothing - from the loose-fitting caftan through to ultra-healthy Birkenstock-Flop.

This hippie feeling together with the associated Look have the international designers translates into the current autumn / winter season. We are experiencing a new flower-power period, minus sexual education. But at least as transparent when it comes to fashion. Romantic floral prints remain namely, color, however, the season will be adapted and reinterpreted in wintry dark shades. Dark berry tones for example, Ralph Lauren Collection or at Sanai. Accents in gold and bronze - seen at Hermes and Metro - also more reminiscent of fallen autumn leaves as to the glitter of the summer sun.

These delicate dresses are combined in winter thick fur, the