Melissa Mondesir

Welcome! I had the luck of being gifted with the name Melissa Mondesir, which translates into Bumblebee My Desire. I am a lover of fashion, writing, reading, makeup (eyeliner is my kryptonite), beauty, fashion, and...did I forget to mention fashion?

I am currently in my senior year of college and will be graduating with my Bachelor's Degree in Editing,Writing, and Media. In the future, I have dreams of being an editor for a fashion magazine and later writing novels. It sounds a little crazy but what's life without dreams?

Here is a list of a couple of other things about me:

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite TV Show: Pretty Little Liars, Twisted, Catfish, New Girl, Teen Wolf, Bad Girls Club, Hit The Floor, etc.. (This is a hard decision, I'm a TV junkie)

Favorite Beauty Product I Can't Leave The House Without: Eyeliner and a Lip Color

Favorite Accessory: All of them!

Favorite Magazine: Elle

Favorite Novel: Hush, Hush series, of Poseidon series, Splintered, the Lunar Chronicles, etc... (Another hard decison, I'm a YA addict)

If you haven't already, check out my blog Fashionably Late on Wordpress where I'll talk about fashion, beauty, and write product reviews. Just click on the app below to get redirected to it. Hope you enjoy! God Bless.