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Fashion Accesories: While the message for spring 2014 is all about bold, daring, even experimental accessories, this upcoming fall, as the weather turns and wardrobes become more streamlined, we suggest focusing less on making a statement and more on making an investment. Which is why, instead of looking at ephemeral trends when it comes to your fashion accessories, we suggest choosing handbags and accesories based on their timeless appeal. These are pieces that you will buy now and wear forever. From the perfect silver earrings to the utilitarian yet unique hand bag, there are over 55 plus must have accessories to add to your fall wardrobe now.

Clothing may make up the majority of an outfit, but accessories are more significant than you may think. You might find yourself spending just as much time shopping for accessories as you do for clothes - and rightfully so. Accessories further emphasize your personal style, taste, and preferences. They also present endless opportunities for outfits, helping you make the best of each and every item you own. Clothing may physically take up more space in your closet and outfit, but accessories are the important details needed to complete each look.

On their own, a handbag, scarf or headband may not make much of an impact. However, when combined with clothing, accessories help create a solid outfit. Accessories matter just a much as clothing, providing you an entirely new opportunity to express yourself. Thanks to accessories, you can create a flowing wave of style from head to toe.While there's an endless variety of accessories available to fit your unique personality and style, there are standard items that every woman should have. These pieces are basic accessories that are versatile and compatible enough for any wardrobe.

Every woman should own a pearl necklace, leather handbag, and a wristlet. The details make all the difference. Make every outfit her own with a signature accessory. She may already have a front runner. After all, a signature accessory is really just a favorite piece that is worn often. Whether a necklace worn every day or rain boots worn at every opportunity, her signature accessory will make a statement.

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