hello, how are you? (:

i like pencils, light bulbs, photographs, fabric samples & long train journeys - and of course fashion. i am trying to juggle school,sport this blog and as mny projects i can get my hands on so please bare with mee :)

I would love to live by the sea, but living in London is wonderful too. I wish I was more interesting, but I think it's the little things that make a person complex. I don't understand my brain, it's all jumbled.

I spend to much time on diy websites and making lists of craft bits need, yet I would like to think I don't waste time ( though sometimes that's not the case....). drawing and painting is lovely but i am very self consious about it as i wish i was better. I have started to drink a lot of tea (with milk and one sugar) and I love the little songs ice cream vans play - it always makes me smile. I get bored easily and am impatient, so sorry about that.

i like topshop&urban outfitters , but damn they are so overpriced :( so i just shop there in the sales, i really like looking through my family memebers wardrobes and stealing stuff from themm aha.

please comment or ask me anything, thank you just for reading this :)

love livvy x

ohh and im a feminist