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But what are the origins of the nautical star tattoo? Where did it come from a...

Nautical star tattoos have caused much controversy and heated discussion with regards to the accurate meaning of the style. More than the years, many groups have attempted to tag the design with their own distinctive interpretation. In addition to the nautical connection, this common tattoo design has been connected to the military, punk rockers, the lesbian neighborhood and the anti-racism motion in recent years.

But what are the origins of the nautical star tattoo? Where did it come from and what did it originally represent?

Practically everyone, with no exception, accepts that sailors had been the initial group of individuals to wear nautical star tattoos.

In preceding centuries, operating at sea was a extremely dangerous and unpredicatable way of life. Sailors had very little to manual them at night, apart from the stars. And the a single that they relied upon most was Polaris, or the North Star. As this star is positioned close to the north pole, it appears to be stationary at all instances, as opposed to other stars which appear to move as time passes. This offered early sailors with a fixed reference point. And as soon as they know where the North Star was, they could position their ships accordingly and be reasonably confident that they had been going in the proper direction.

More than time the North Star became a symbol for discovering your way property safely and symbolically obtaining your way in life. But beyond that, as many sailors were deeply superstitious with a wealthy background of lore about life and death at sea, they had been usually searching for lucky charms. So several sailors started to place nautical star tattoos on their forearms or hands as a symbol of very good luck and a want to get residence safely.

Skip forward by way of the centuries and the meaning of the nautical star tattoo has turn out to be broader. Not only is it a symbol of the sea, but also a sign of safety and guidance for all sailors and travelers. It has also turn into a sign of following your dreams and attaining success in your life.

Nonetheless, these is some disagreement concerning the design of the nautical star. Be taught more on a guide to girl tattoos by navigating to our great article. Most men and women accept that the standard style of