Fashioned For Change

Vancouver, B.C

Who We Are and What We Are About

Fashioned for Change is a registered not-for-profit organization who sells and promotes the Little Travellers and jewellery and accessories in Canada.Little Travellers and accessories are made by women who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa; this is done as part of an income-generation project of the HillcrestAIDS Centre Trust. Beaded pins called Little Traveller dolls are unique and, at $5-7 each, are a low-cost entry into the line of products that also includes high-end jewelry, ranging in price from $20 to $100.

Little Travellers are a product created by the Woza Moya craft income generation project, which is one of the many projects happening at the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust. The Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust is a holistic HIV/AIDS project which was started in Hillcrest, South Africa in 1991. Since its inception, the Centre has attempted to uplift the lives of those both infected and affected by HIV/AIDS through practical and sustainable care. The Centre looks at each family and individual and tries to create a package of care that suits them, with the knowledge that everyone’s needs or perceived needs are different. This way the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people are addressed. Most importantly however, the mission of the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust is to provide unconditional love to members of our community that are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.!

All our creations are lovingly made in the Valley of Thousand Hills in Kwa Zulu Natal, SouthAfrica. It is estimated that approximately 26.4% adults in KZN are HIV positive, 40% are unemployed, one third live on less than 2$ a day. The project places particular emphasis the empowerment of women crafters as their is a high percentage of abuse, 40%, with 25%admitting to rape. Since the first prototypes were created in 2003 by 3 crafters, the project has grown to over 250 crafters, and multiple projects popping up around the world including Fashioned for Change founded here in Vancouver in 2007. The project has sold over 100,000 dolls generating over 500,000 in income for the crafters and their community.

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