Pikina Spearman

My name is Pikina which means "beautiful spirit." Welcome to all about me. I've landed a pretty eclectic personality in my thirty-one years. I would like to share a snippet of that starting with my favorite accessory: HUMILITY! First and foremost, our inner beauty should always reflect what we desire to portray outwardly. My fashion "must have" are PEARLS! They are truly a girl's "real" best friend. Pearls are classic, fabulous, and affordable. Pearls can be played up for drama or down for daytime. Whether its an interview or a sizzling date, remember pearls will never let you down. My 9-5 consists of a corporate multi-tasker called an E-commerce Specialist for Kohls. My Altar Ego would probably place me as a Fashion Stylist to Famous/Influential people? I love to showcase my work where others shine. In my real life I could see myself as a fashion writer/editor? My Fashion influences are Chanel & Donna Karan DKNY. My fashion test termed me a "modern romantic." This reminds me of the mysterious allure of Alicia Keys, the charm of Sarah Jessica Parker, and the spirited depth of Lauryn Hill. Fashion should tell a picturesque story about who you are. I prefer feminine intricate details with an cutting edge. I appreciate tailored and distinguished. I embrace unlikely yet inspiring & surprising elements. I value relationships more than most people. I believe trust, loyalty, and transparency are the main ingredients to lasting friendships. As a highly passionate person I think everyone should go BIG or simply go home. My worst quality is probably over thinking? If I had an audience it would be inspiring women. I believe they are the greatest bridge of influence to men, children and each other. I'm excited about the opportunities life has to offer. I believe people and things are apart of our life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. The amazingly hard part is figuring out which is which. I'm proclaiming today is my season of greatness, how about you?