Ruth J Clark

Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs is working to create a bridge between the Fashion/Garment Industry and People with disabilities. Join us as we rock the Fashion World

Over the past year I have again immersed myself in learning the details of assisting people who live with significant disabilities. This is a key way of learning about all of the small things each day. Small things that can have either a positive or negative impact on how the whole day goes. Many of these small things can be improved with various fabric creations. I will be introducing some of the small sewing projects I have worked on during the past year, that have had a significant, positive impact on daily life.

2015 will be a strong, move forward year. We invite you to join us in this and help make dreams become realities. Tell us stories of small changes you have made, that have resulted in a significant improvement! We will share some of these with out other readers.

Best Wishes for 2015, a year of positive change!