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Givenchy: Getting the Name Right

There's a funny story I think of whenever I see the name Givenchy. When I was a teenager in college on internship in Boston back in 1986, I visited an upscale mall, whereby we "oohed" and "ahhhed" over the luxury watches in a case.

"That's Givenchy," we said, pronouncing it like ga-ven-chie.

"It's Givenchy," the saleswoman corrected us, pronouncing it like zhe-van-say.

We stood corrected, and humbled, and a little miffed.

Either way, it was a lesson that taught us about the luxury brandof French clothing and accessories that stood the test of time. After all, I still remember that incident from 27 years ago. It was a teachable moment well-learned about the fashion house that was begun in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy.

The Most Popular Items?

Some of the best-selling and most popular Givenchy products are the Biker Style Nappa Leather Jacket, a cool-looking leather jacket that can run into the $1,743 range, and is sometimes sold out online, demonstrating its popularity.

Givenchy's Black Nappa Leather Shark Tooth Boots and Shark Lock Wedge Boots are another popular product, with the knee-high boots layered to look like a pair of leather pants are covering the legs, but they are really in the tromp l'oeil style.

The Dog Shirt Made Popular by Kanye West

You can thank the rapper-artist-poet-demigod West for popularizing the 'Rottweiler' shirt from the Riccardo Tisci-Givenchy collection. Once Kanye wore the $265 shirt with the image of a snarling, open-mouthed dog on the front looking ferocious and fierce and everything that the stereotypes say about Rotties, it became uber-popular.

It's Not Just Clothes and Shoes, But Make-Up, Too

The Rouge Interdit Shine Lipstick by Givenchy is another pretty well loved item, with a plethora of positive reviews about the lipstick with the shiny and slick finish that women love. Perhaps it's that mother-of-pearl finish that makes the $30 per 0.12-ounce tube of lipstick that makes this a winner with cosmetic lovers that love the moisturizing effect of the lip color.

The designer's Phenomen Eyes Mascara is also a popular seller -- and also $30 a tube -- touted as a mascara that grips the lashes at the roots to help separate them and create a panoramic effect with its unique circularly designed end.

Count the waterproof lip liner pencil as the next top sellin