Fast By Ferracci

One Vision, One Passion, One Dream. Living out your dream and having the vision to make it a reality is a luxury that very few people are fortunate enough to experience. Witnessing people enjoy the results of your determination is an entirely new level of delight. For more than twenty years, Fast By Ferracci has had the pleasure of bringing the highest quality motorcycle performance parts and products to enthusiasts worldwide. We have enjoyed challenging ourselves to not only outperform the competition, but year after year outperforming ourselves and offering the newest and best products to our customers. With years of Superbike racing under our belt, we have had the ability to test our products at the most intense levels. Our constant research and development on race bikes, as well as street and dirt bikes, allows us to provide parts for riders at all levels from novice to professional. History in the making. Fast By Ferracci was founded in 1980 by Eraldo Ferracci. Eraldo arrived in Philadelphia almost 15 years earlier as an Italian National Champion motorcycle rider and mechanic. Upon his arrival in America, he modernized the Benelli motorcycle plant in Hatboro, while, at night he transformed his Abington residence into a workshop for building unparalleled bikes and high-performance parts. To satisfy his passion for racing, he took up drag-racing, setting records up and down the east coast. As his reputation for speed grew, road-racers began bringing their machines to him for his magic touch. Results proved his uncompromised skill and the demand for his custom race bikes and special components molded a dream into a reality. In the late eighties, Eraldo's talent and Italian heritage came to the forefront when the manufacturer of Ducati motorcycles asked him to form the first American-based Ducati factory race team. In 1991, Team Fast By Ferracci Ducati won the first of two World Superbike Championships followed by two American (AMA) Superbike Championships. Led by Eraldo, Team Fast By Ferracci became the most successful Ducati team in the world. In the year 2000, Eraldo set a new pace by spearheading factory-supported Team Fast By Ferracci Husqvarna. With just over one year of participation in the extreme sport, the team has one win and one "hole-shot" under its helmet. In addition, the Fast By Ferracci team made history by being the first non-Japanese bike to win a 125 motocross race. We are also sponsoring a Husqvarna team in AMA Superm