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WWE Fast Lane 2015, Randy Orton's return to WWE television has been rumored for what feels like months now, as The Viper went out before Survivor Series by way of a Seth Rollins Curb Stomp so he could go film his latest movie. Since December, WWE Fast Lane 2015 Match, the rumor mill has said Orton's return is imminent, Watch live WWE Fast Lane 2015 online, and his appearance at some house shows several weeks ago seemed to all but confirm this.


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WWE Fast Lane 2015 Result, And yet, Orton has remained off television. The latest reports say this is a creative decision by WWE rather than a medical one. It's now unclear when he'll be back, WWE Fast Lane 2015 Tickets, as the timetable ranges from as soon as next week on Monday Night Raw to after the Fast Lane pay-per-view later this month. WWE Fast Lane 2015 Live Streaming, Despite the glimmer of hope for Bryan's fans,

WWE Fast Lane 2015 photo, the latest rumors say WWE is not planning on inserting him into the main event at WrestleMania 31. WWE Fast Lane 2015 Tickets, Instead, it seems that the company is using Bryan to help catapult Reigns into the headlining spot via their match at Fast Lane, WWE Fast Lane 2015 Video, and reports say it's likely Reigns will go over Bryan at this month's pay-per-view. Reports also say Reigns could turn heel at Fast Lane.

Watch WWE Fast Lane 2015 online, WWE is reportedly debating between executing a friendly, "may the better man win" match between the two and turning Reigns heel. WWE could use Bryan to pay respect to Reigns after his victory and endorse him for the main event, Live WWE Fast Lane 2015 stream, but the company also teased a heel turn on Raw last night when the two met in Reigns' locker room and the Royal Rumble winner told Bryan to get out. WWE Fast Lane 2015 Live Streaming,

WWE Fast Lane 2015 Live Streaming, As noted earlier here on the website, it was announced on RAW as Triple H’s “major announcement” that Roman Reigns will defend his WrestleMania WWE World Title shot at Fast Lane. WWE Fast Lane 2015 live Match, Reigns will face the winner of a match tonight on RAW between Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins at Fast Lane, with the winner going on to face Lesnar